Friday, September 27, 2013

Hunter's First Birthday Party

Last Saturday we hosted a Wonderful Cheerios Themed First Birthday Party for our Little Man! Here are a few photos from our celebration.

I purchased the cute personalized hat from Etsy shop Dainty Couture.  

the Favors were chocolate candies and gumballs in "milk" containers (Really Starbucks Frappuccino drinks that we used and cleaned out) for the adults and kiddos received little cheerios containers... Even babies in bellies received a little treat!

This was the main "kids" table... The painting above the table was covered with craft paper and I added photos from Hunter's one year photo shoot.

I purchased MDF letters from Michaels Craft Store and Matt attached them to a board so that they would stand straight...Added some fun crinkle paper to hide the board underneath. :-)

I also made some little sandwiches with Mini Bagels (look like big cheerios), Mini Pancakes, Bananas dipped in chocolate, Mini chocolate dipped smores, Mini Donuts and Cake are on this table...

Took a 1 pinata and removed the tissue paper, Spray painted yellow and covered with cheerios...

Here is the little birthday boy!!!!!

Ordered the Cheerios bowl cake through Sweet Ladies Bakery

Decorations were easy... Just cheerios boxes with the top cut off, red polka dot tissue paper and balloons...

There was also A LOT of food for adults.In fact I didn't even make four of the items on my list. I think I take the food thing a little too far when I host parties.

Here was our dinning room... Cute Red and Yellow tissue paper balls hanging from the fan, Bright yellow table cloth, Flowers in the middle of the table with Cheerios around them (This was before I put out most of my food) 

Around the door way I added ribbon and additional photos of my Hunter Man and a simple homemade bunting above. 

Hunter getting ready for cake time...We took off his cute outfit and he just had cake in his cloth diaper.. didn't want to get dirty!

Matt had a hard time getting the hat on and Hunter was not a fan...

One I put the cake in front of him though he forgot all about the hat!At first he only took one icing cheerio off at a time to eat...

But he soon got the hang of it.

All and all GREAT Birthday party for our little man!

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  1. Oh boy what an adorable one year birthday party! Such a cute theme! I've never seen a cake like that- super cute! He looks like he had fun even if the hat got him a litle upset. I always overdue foodie items- but it's better then not having enough! Great job Julie!