Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Happy FIRST Birthday Gibs!

I cannot believe that this little handsome and ever cheerful man is ONE today!

What a cutie! Even at birth he was just a happy and content little guy! 

It has been quite the year and I'm both sad and happy to have it behind us now. Happy because it was an extremely emotional year as we struggled with Gibson's weight constantly and the possibility of a chromosomal deficiency. HAPPILY, I am confident that a majority of that is behind us. Gibson is gaining properly (still with an increased intake) and is thriving. In April we will go back to a specialist to test his metabolism but feel so blessed that it only looks to be an increased metabolic rate at the moment. WE WILL TAKE IT!

Beyond the weight struggles and weekly visits to the doctor and physical therapist we had SOOO many wonderful moments in this last year... beginning with holding him for the first time

Seeing his relationships grow with his siblings! Emma took to him right away... Hunter was a little less enthusiastic about his addition to our clan but now he is IN LOVE and includes Gibson in play time.

All of the trips and day outings that we have taken

His first Christmas! he loved all of the lights and the crinkly wrapping paper.

And we even look back fondly on his many appointments. He was just such a happy man through it all and we feel so blessed that he is in our life!

I cannot wait to see who this little man grows up to be!

Here is a little status update for Gibson at ONE YEAR!

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