Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Merge: Two become One

I wanted to share the current status of the room merge. The boys have now been rooming together for about a week and a half now and both seem to be adjusting really well.

Only big difference is that if Hunter wakes up early he use to just sit in his room and look at a book and fall back to sleep... now out of consideration for his little brother he hops right out of bed, quietly, and heads up to our bedroom. So now around 6:30 in the morning we have Hunter cuddle time.

on to the changes in the space...

I love the new headboard from Target. We had originally thought that we would not do a box spring to keep the bed low to the ground and easier for Hunter to get in and out of. but I think that the bed needs some additional height so that is a project for the weekend. I'm also planning on sewing the bed skirt this weekend... Excited that it will add a pop of color. under the comforter.

In between the letter H and the headboard I plan to add a large b&w framed photo... Just need to update the ones that we currently have and move it over.

The half wall where the frames currently hang (See Below) also needs an update... I'm thinking we might re-position the pictures and add a guitar or two.

I also want to add Gibson's name in some way to the trunk that I personalized a few years ago.

Already merged a few of the toys and albums from Gibson's old room... Just need to play around with the organization a little more

AND now for our big problem area... the closet...

To say that I need a better system is a HUGE understatement! the doors are currently broken from Emma playing hide and seek in here... So Matt's big project for the weekend is to stain and install new doors as well as purchase a closet organization system... Matt's dad is coming into town next weekend and I plan to have them do the install together.
I am SOOO excited about re-organizing this space!

So that is where we currently stand.

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