Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Gibson's Rocker Room

I'm so excited to FINALLY share Gibson's Rocker bedroom. Full disclosure he isn't even in this room anymore as he now is in a shared space with his big brother, Hunter.

In the above picture I feel like he is saying, "Welcome to my room..."

I tried to make sure that the rock star theme wasn't too in your face but there were cure little musical nods everywhere in the room!

We spent A LOT of time in this chair in the first 4 weeks!

Just look at this little guy enjoying his round crib... I had the custom gray sheet made and I made the bedskirt.

The framed record is actually the song that Matt and I danced to at our wedding!

These little hooks were previously all different colors and spray-painted red and black so that they would better fit in our space. My only complaint is that they always hung a bit wonky... and as I type this now I realized that I could have put a little command post sticky on the back to keep them straight... too late!

Behind the door there were three frames that showed patents for a guitar and a picture that Hunter colored for his little brother.

I'm sad that our little guy isn't in this space anymore but it did serve us well while he was in there!

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