Thursday, April 2, 2015

Simplify 101: March 2015 Re-Cap

Here is a recap on what my goals were for the month of March...

March was a super busy month!

We had family in from out of town for over half of the month, celebrated Gibson's first birthday, rocker style, took Emma and her friend to NYC for a weekend, and I started TWO new jobs! haha that brings my job count, over the last 2 months, to FOUR! I'm excited to report that I'm now in a position that I plan to be in for some time... more on this tomorrow when I share my goals for April. 

Here is how the month went...
  • The Merge: I literally took NO action in the boys room this month... with the exception of removing all stools and baskets that Hunter could stand on as he started turning on the light at 5am to wake up Gibson every morning! 
  • Pantry touch up: no action taken 
  • Spending time with friends: I hosted a play group one weekend and had the chance to catch up with friends during Gibson's party 
  • Celebrate Gibson's first birthday... Success! 
  • Spring cleaning... printed a list from pinterest and still need to organize the supplies 
  • Easter Planning- I do not have a single Easter decoration up... but I do know that I will be hosting Easter dinner and I have slowly been accumulating items for baskets. I cannot believe that Sunday will already be Easter... does anyone else feel like Christmas JUST ended??? 
  • Bench for end of bed... This is NEVER going to get done
  • Enjoy time with Family- We had a great time when my sister-in-law came for a visit! I loved our trip to the zoo and all of the family dinners. It is always such a joy to see all of the cousins playing together. We also had a great 3 days with Matt's Dad and his mom was also here for 5 days! Lot's of Family for the month of March which is always awesome!
  • Summer Camp Planning- I'm not at 100% with this but getting there 
  • Play Kitchen- Victory! This one is DONE and I will share a full post next week. 
  • Blogging- One of my goals for the year is to do 15 blog posts a month and I didn't meant that goal as I only posted 14 times... so close
  • Work Out... hahahahahahaha
Here are a few photos for the month!

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