Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Sofa Search Begins...

Recently we welcomed two beautiful additions into our happy home:

Yes... I'm talking about those gorgeous chairs. I LOVE these chairs and I think that they are a perfect addition to our loving room... but there is only one problem... they do NOT match our light green sofa...

So, being the practical lady that I am... I have decided that we are going to invest in a new sofa!

Here are our requirements:
  • Under $1000
  • NOT white... We do have Three children here
  • Width of 81"
We will, of course, need to do some research in person but here are a few of the sofas that I'm currently mulling over.

Melody Sofa in Beach - $899... Color might be TOO light. This is the sofa that we currently have though!... In the green

Parker Sofa in Copper Cashmere - $699

Benny Sofa in Thunder - $899

Cameron Square in Platinum Gray Velvet- $899

Stockholm in Gray - $899
And of course I would find one outside of my budget...

Abbyson $1395


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  1. One thing leads to another- the domino affect! Just a thought- I don't recommend buying a sofa without sitting on it and knowing how it feels. I did that and regretted it big time.