Thursday, April 30, 2015

The 2000 Things Challenge

Life is busy/hectic and lately I have felt like after a FULL day I was coming home and in a FUNK. There was too much to do between cooking and cleaning!!! I was/am feeling overwhelmed so I've enlisted some help in a few areas of my life so that I can put my focus back on what is really important FAMILY!
  • We've started to utilize Amazon Pantry again. (Posted about it HERE) and I have even done a few deliveries from PeaPod.
  • Every other week we continue to get the ingredients for three meals delivered to us via Plated-- Which I'm pretty much obsessed with! While I still have to cook with plated (which I enjoy) it removes the question of "What's for dinner???" and they deliver all the ingredients I need. Another bonus on top of all of that.. it was started by a former Marine!!! I'm all for supporting a veteran owned business. If you haven't tried this food delivery service I HIGHLY recommend it and wrote a full post on it here.
But Cooking aside I'm struggling with getting my home affairs in order. I feel like I'm always surrounded by so much STUFF and with three kids that equals a mess. So about two months ago I embarked on a Challenge... THE 2000 THINGS CHALLENGE

Doesn't need a ton of explanation... basically I'm purging BIG TIME and 2000 items WILL depart my house by June... I'm currently at about 815 so I still have a lot of work to do in my last month.
I've been making it a practice to do weekly runs to Salvation Army so there is no second guessing the items that we are getting rid of. I've found this to be a HUGE relief! With each box that goes out my door I find that I'm a little less stressed and I feel a little less like things are closing in on me!
I highly recommend this to everyone! Here is the PDF that I am using.

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