Thursday, March 5, 2015

Kitchen Issues

Right up front I will fully admit that I have issues people! I am aware and I accept the fact that I have the need to update everything in my life... I cannot just let something be...

Case and point.. I wanted to buy a kitchen for Hunter and I wanted it to go in my kitchen... So I needed something nice... Well homeboy's kitchen is now just about the nicest thing in my house!!!

AND it isn't even done yet! This weekend I have plans to add some backspash... again I have issues!

I originally started with the IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen:
First step was to cover the counter-top with "marble" contact paper purchased for $10.99 from Amazon. 

The rest of it was painted with Annie Sloan Paris Gray chalk paint.

I decided on chalk paint for two reasons... I already had it and it sticks great to laminate. There was no need to sand or prime the surface! SO EASY!

Here is was with just the base...

And again with the top hutch attached:

Additional plans for the kitchen include the "tile" backslash... I actually already purchased these adhesive "tiles" from Home Depot... Just need to attach them to a foam-core board and it will go on the opening between the base & hutch:

I'm also thinking that I might update the handles... cannot wait to share the finished product next week!

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