Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thrifted Thursday: Traveling with Kids

Recently I had my kiddos out with me in Washington State (Matt was there too).. and I wanted to limit the number of bags that we took with us but there is only one issue... kids need a lot of STUFF!

The clothing I managed to get all in one bag. YES clothes for all 5 of us and for a week!

But there are other things needed when you are in a second floor condo that has NOTHING for kids. What is a girl to do??? HELLO hit up a few thrift stores the day that you get into town!

I was lucky enough to stop in one of them on their half off day!!! Baby gate for $3... CHECK
Little booster seat for Gibson... $2
Puzzles and toys at 25 cents each! WHAT! I was worried that all of the puzzle pieces wouldn't be in the box but it was totally worth the risk at 25 cents... and guess what... all there! I was SUPER tempted to bring the puzzle back with us but just didn't have the room.
All of these foam building blocks $5... a splurge but kids loved them and I was also tempted to bring them home.
Books and DVDs a various costs (nothing over $2) The place we stayed didn't have tv but does have a DVD player.

On the morning of my last day I donated everything back to the local thrift store! EASY!

I'll be back later today with photos of your condo! I HEART it!

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