Thursday, June 14, 2012

25 Weeks

Dress: Gap

So, how about that belly! I feel like it's grown so much over the past week.  Maybe I'm just going crazy but it does look and feel much bigger. Two more weeks until 3rd trimester!!!

Last week was kinda crazy and it definitely took a toll on my pregnant body
Pregnancy: 25 weeks

Weight Gain: 20 Pounds

Sleep: I had been doing well up until last night. It was horrible.. was having weird dreams and I just couldn't get comfortable. waking up and moving every 30 minutes.

Names: Down to Four possible names:
Alexander Matthew Park
Robert Matthew Park
Hunter Matthew Park
Grayson Matthew Park
The name that I've always loved from the beginning is currently off limits... Ashton Matthew Park. I've always loved the name Ashton but hello that is also the name of my boss AND the due date is my boss's birthday... soo a little too close to work for right now. But you better believe that down the road when I have another job there will be a little Ashton Park in our family.
When I tell people that my favorite name is Grayson they tend to say that they hate it and before you know it they are calling the baby Grayson and it has become their favorite name... I still do not think that Matt is feeling it though so I suspect it might be the next name to go.

Feeling: In general I'm feeling okay. Work is draining and I have probably been over doing it the last few days but I'm in good spirits and I am going to try to take it easy this weekend... but if you know me you will know that is impossible. :)

Health:  I've started swelling a little in my hands but I think that is just from the summer heat. The wedding band might be coming off in the next couple weeks. I had hoped to wear it the whole pregnancy... we will see.

I've also had some odd breathing problems recently. I've woken up a few times in the middle of the night unable to intake air though my mouth. I would take in a breath and it would get stuck in my throat and I would cough. I could still intake air through my nose... so I would always just go back to sleep and I was fine in the morning. Well... on Monday that was not the case... I had issues from 3 -11 a.m. and my friends all convinced me to head to the doctors. At the same time I was having over 7 Braxton Hicks contractions in an hour which is something we have to go to the doctors for anyway this early in pregnancy... so off I went. Doctor said I was not going to go into labor and said that it was probably stress related due to the issues I was having. I am going to new see an Ear, Nose, Throat Specialist on Monday. I'm sure that all will be fine they just want to scope my throat and see if there is anything abnormal. 

Movement: Little one is currently kicking as I type. He really does seem to move all the time. Head is currently down and kicks are not too painful yet.
Belly: Measuring about 1 week ahead. My belly button is still an innie
Non-Baby Highlights of the Week:
  • Surprising Matt with the laundry room! He thought that we all did a GREAT job... now we just have to wait for those new appliances
  • Emma's School Student Transfer request was officially approved and we are excited to be back at our old school with her friends!
  • Friday will mark Emma's official start of summer vacation!!! I cannot believe that she will be starting 3rd grade next school year.

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