Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hunter is 11 Weeks

How is it possible? Time is just flying by!!!

This week I've even started my ramp up to get back to work. I'm doing two days of only two hours but still it makes it a reality that I will be leaving Hunter soon. Next week it will be two days of four hours and just increase from there. By the new year I will be doing 8 hour days (While Hunter is still breast feeding 8 hours will be my max... it would be WAY too difficult to do my usual 11-12 hours).

ANYWAY... we had a very busy last few weeks. I even forgot to do our 10 week post!

In the last few weeks Hunter...
  • Has started reaching for the mobile on his mamaRoo Swing. For about 30 minutes at a time Hunter will sit in his swing and just stare at his mobile, smile, coo (talk), bat at the mobile, and laugh. It is so much fun to watch him "interact with his monsters."
  • Met his Grandma Pam for the first time. Matt's mom came to visit for Thanksgiving and it was so wonderful to see her with her only grandbaby! We hope that she will be able to come back in the spring and we plan to drive up to Michigan to see her in the summer. But until we can see her in person our weekly skype visits will have to suffice.
  • Had his first Thanksgiving!
  • Got his first cold. Poor little man currently has a very runny nose but he is still a happy little guy... when we are not sucking his boogies out. Even with his runny nose he has still managed to sleep for a 6 hour stretch the last two nights but not without some major work on our part. We raised (slightly) one end of his bed so that he doesn't lay flat and his nasal passages can drain. At night he gets baby vicks rub on his chest, nose sucked, a vicks plug in for is room, and the humidifier is running in his room.
  • Is so alert. Hunter will just lay on my lap and look up at me and laugh. When I coo he will respond with a coo and when I make a face he will start to laugh. He is a mama's boy and we interact so much together.
  • Had his longest stretch without his mommy. Hunter stayed with his daddy for 8 hours the other day while I helped with a wedding. By the end of the night I was exhausted, my feet hurt, and I missed my baby like crazy.

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