Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hunter is 8 Weeks Old!

Photo: 8 Weeks & 1 day

Another week has flown by and Hunter turned 8 weeks yesterday! We have his two month doctor appointment on Monday and I cannot wait to see how big our little man is! I guess is that he is 12 pounds... He is really filling in his 0-3 month clothes. What a cutie.

We had a few firsts this week...
  • First time going to the election booths
  • First time meeting his Great Grandma Jean "GG" who is in town from Michigan.

  • Slept for 6 hours straight!
  • First time having two bottles in a row
  • First time to a winery
  • First visit to Top Golf
  • First time sleeping in his own bed... Last night we decided that it was time to put Hunter down in his own bed.
One HUGE thing is that we are really starting to get on a schedule... well maybe Hunter has just fully trained me.

Will let all know how his two month appointment goes on Monday and will also share a two Months favorite items list with you! Time is flying!

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