Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Stencil Love/Hate Relationship

A few weeks ago I made the decision that we were going to complete a few home projects that we had left halfway completed. I wanted to get it done already before family came to visit for Thanksgiving.

One of those projects was to complete painting a wall in my basement... Total honestly this is a project that I started in March of 2011! I'm a slacker... don't know why but I had the hardest time finishing the last 1/10th of the project.

Here is what the wall looked like when we first moved in.

Back when stenciling was all the craze on home blogs I had decided that I wanted to give it a try and thought that the perfect wall would be the one that you see when going downstairs to our basement. I even talked about wanted to get a stencil here. So I made the purchase and bought the Zagora Allover Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils.

I painted the wall Martha Stewart Milk Pail from Home Depot

I did this project the hard way... I first traced the stencil along the whole wall with pencil

After that was complete I hand painted the stenciled area...

which yes took 20 months to complete... to be fair I loved the wall but I was completely over the hand painting for about 18 months.. I mean i literally only had 4 more rows left and just stalled... I just covered the unpainted area with a piece of furniture.

Finally two weeks ago I started back up and I am so happy to say that the stencil has been completed! Here is what the wall looks like now.

Here are a few details from this area

This area is far from complete however as I want to add a window treatment, new light fixture, artwork on the right side of the furniture, and maybe a runner.

This wall to the right between the bedrooms however also look very bare...

maybe I should DIY something like this for that area... Perhaps I could add this to a list of projects that I would like to tackle in the new year.

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