Friday, November 2, 2012

Hunter's Bathroom update

As a mentioned a while ago... I decided to tackle Hunter's bathroom. Here is a reminder of what the room looked like before...

I am happy to say that I saved a TON of money in this room! I originally went to homegoods and purchased Oil-rubbed Bronze (ORB) fixtures which came to around $65.00. Still a great price but when I came home and looked at the existing fixtures I had a moment of genius! I only hated the fact that they were gold and white... and I had some ORB spray paint on hand! YES... I took the chance and I spray painted the existing fixtures and everything came out GREAT!


In terms of the sink area... I removed the old sink faucet and spray painted that!!! Saving $100 on a new faucet! (I had previously priced one out at Home Depot).

For the area above the sink... I used a light fixture that we already owned and I purchased a white mirror from Homegoods and you guessed it... spray painted it ORB!

For the Toilet area. We replaced the insides of the toilet because the old stuff was all rusted and smelled HORRIBLE! I tried change everything out by myself but had a lot of difficulty putting the bowl back on the base and getting things to fit properly so let's just say it was a joint effort.

Here are some more photos:

The shelves above the toilet will hold photos of Hunter at bath time and some other cute items... I still have to style this area. Currently it holds wash clothes and some toys that he is still too small to play with.

This canvas photo was purchased at Homegoods and I love that it brings the elephant theme from the bedroom into the bathroom.

I still need to do the following:
- Replace the shower head
- Decorate the shelves
- Add the diaper sprayer to the toilet

I'm also thinking about putting the extra flooring that we have leftover from the laundry room in here... thoughts?

Here is the breakdown of what I have spent in the room:

- Shower Curtain Rod (ORB) Homegoods -- $16.99
- Brown Shower Curtain Homegoods --$19.99
- Paint Home Depot -- $59.00
- Additional can of ORB Spray Paint Home Depot -- $11.99
- Bath Mat Homegoods -- $9.99
- Lime Green Hand Towel Homegoods -- $5.99
- Brown Hand Towel Homegoods -- $5.99
- Brown Bath Towel homegoods -- $8.99
- Elephant canvas Homegoods -- $49.99
- Mirror Homegoods -- $24.99
- 2 Shelf holders Container Store -- $33.98
- ORB Trash Can Homegoods -- $12.99
- Wood for shelves FREE (already had for Hunter's
- Diaper Sprayer FREE (Gift)

TOTAL: $260.88

Not too bad!

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