Thursday, November 15, 2012

2 month favorite items

Our Hunter was 2 months on Monday and we had our two month appointment today and he is looking GREAT! 13.1 pounds and 24 inches! BIG man!

Well at one month I shared our top 10 favorite items but for those of you who have children you know that they just grow sooo fast and their needs and preferences are constantly changing and revolving. so... here is a new list for our second month...

1. Cloth Diapers!!! I absolutely love them! We have now used them for a full month and I am so happy that we made the purchase. A full post will be coming soon but I will say this... so easy!!!

2. Gown sleepers. Matt always exclaims that I put Hunter in dresses but in reality they are the gown sleepers and I love putting him in them each night. They make our middle of the night diaper changes so easy. My favorite are the GAP bundles which are 2 for $24.95 but frequently on sale for $15.00
 3. Seventh Generations Wipes. These wipes use plant-derived ingredients; no alcohol, synthetic cleaners, dyes or fragrances. Hunter really seems to love them and I feel so much better using these on his little cute booty.
4. Gentle Sounds Giraffe Soother. Another great hand-me-down from my sister-in-law Anne. Hunter uses this for every nap and at bedtime. It plays 4 great sounds and can play for 25 or 45 minutes.
 5. Lorex Baby Monitor with a Camera. Now that Hunter is sleeping in his own room we have started to use our baby monitor. The week after we found out that we were pregnant this monitor came in the mail and it warmed my heart to know that Matt had spent hours researching the best product for our growing family. He picked this one for the Night vision, two way talk, and the ability to add up to four cameras as needed. I like that the unit is wireless but my only complaint is that the battery only lasts two hours so during nap time I have to be mindful about putting it back on the charger.

6. Owl Robe. I love our little owl robe that hunter received as a gift from Matt's Aunt and Uncle. Hunter likes to cozy up in it after a bath (his favorite part of the day) I also think that it makes for the cutest photos.

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