Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hunter is 9 Weeks Old

9 Weeks WHAT!!!!!!!!!! Craziness

This week Hunter...
  • Slept in his own bed for an entire week! Such a big man sleeping in his own room. I'm sad that he is no longer in our room because that just means that he is getting so big but I know that it is best for everyone.
  • Went to the Baltimore Aquarium. He was not too excited about seeing the fish... Maybe next time... we have a year long family pass so we will go a few more times this year.

  • Became interested in a toy. While in Baltimore we went to lunch at The Hard Rock and while waiting on our food Hunter became interested in his giraffe. He loved it and smiled every time we would squeak her. Once the food came I just placed the giraffe in his car seat and Hunter just stared. So much fun to see him get so excited about something. 

  • Celebrated his Daddy's Birthday! Daddy turned 29 and we had a full day! His gift to Matt was to sleep 6.5 hours that night. (nice gift to mommy as well)
  • Turned 2 Months. We will share our 2 month favorite things tomorrow. We shared our one month favorites here.

  • Took photos for our Christmas Card. Hunter might be the most photographed baby! Virginia from House of Maps came over to take some fall family photos for our Christmas card.

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