Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pool Bag

One Summer essential in the Park household is a pool bag that is always packed and ready to go! Our pool bag stays in our hall closet near our beach towels :-)

The pool bag is actually a diaper bag that I purchased from Baby Gap about 8 years ago. 
They of course no longer have the same bag but check out this one from their Diane von Furstenberg collection! LOVE

I think that I got it for only $9.99... I love using a diaper bag as a poll bag because it is just the right size and it has a ton of pockets for all of our summer essentials! 

Plus you cannot beat that great print.

Here is a peak at the inside!  

This is what we have in one section: 

I think that the American Girl activity book and pen are a must. It helps keep Emma occupied during breaks from swimming.  

We also have a bag devoted to sun screen, a brush, hair ties, and anti-tangle spray. 

There is also a Vera Bradley Ditty Bag. I love that it has a plastic lining which is perfect for wet swimsuits.

There is also a sunglasses holder with some stylish shades to protect the eyes of my cute kiddos!

And of course what pool bag is complete without SWIMSUITS!

We are always set and ready to go! Cannot wait for school to be out and for summer to be in full swing! Often times my mom will take Emma to the pool and I will meet up with them after I get off from work at 3:00! I feel so blessed to be able to have such a great work-life balance! SO important!
It's Overflowing

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