Monday, June 3, 2013

Hunter at 37 Weeks (& 36)

So I have been HORRIBLE with my weekly photos... In fact in an effort to get one done this week I had Emma take the photo! (Which explains why it is just a bit wonky) Look at my chunky monkey!!!

Weeks 36 & 37 were HUGE weeks for us!

  • Hunter will scoot to a surface and immediately pull up!
  • Hunter stood up in his crib for the first time
  • Still doing a half Army crawl

37 Weeks 
  • Hunter had watermelon for the first time and he LOVES it!
  • Hunter will try to let go while standing up and will sway unassisted for a few seconds before holding back on to something
  • While holding fingers Hunter LOVES to walk around
  • He has discovered that it is funny to share his food with Sophie!
  • Hunter uses his pincher grip to now feed himself! He is doing a GREAT job!
  • Celebrated his first Memorial Day at the Army Navy Country Club. He loved eating BBQ chicken and baked beans!
  • We are FULL on crawling now... pro style on hands and knees... But usually just to the sofa or a table so he can stand.

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