Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!!

We are taking some time today to snuggle up to Matt and let him know that we think that he is a pretty amazing father!

Here are some daddy inspired photos that we had taken of Hunter last week and I surprised Matt with them this morning as a part of his Father's Day gift!

The bodysuit is from Baby Gap and says, " I'm a Little Gentleman Noble and Distinguished"

Here are some non age appropriate photos but I just had to do them because Matt loves scotch so I thought that they would be cute!

A photo in Matt's old Army Cover (Hat)

You aren't suppose to chew on tools Hunter!!! It is a good thing that you have such an amazing daddy to show you how to use those!

Hunter with all of Daddy's tools!

In his big boy tie

He wants a green mustang just like Daddy has!

Future computer genus... Just like Dad! I also love this ME + DAD = LOVE bodysuit from Baby Gap.

The books are all of Matt's computer programing books...

Hunter wouldn't touch the computer  motherboard until I put some of his puffs on there... his face says it all.

AHHHH and this photo just says it all! I love Hunter's first Hunter rain boots!!!! Just look at those legs!!!!

Best photos ever! Many thanks to the great Virginia Leslie of House of Maps Photography! I cannot recommend her enough!

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