Friday, June 28, 2013

Personalized IKEA High Chair

A while back I purchased the Antilop Ikea High Chair for my Hunter  Man.

We typically eat at the dinner table and we use the great Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair

But... I wanted something for the times when I'm cooking and feeding hunter in the kitchen or when we have people over and not enough space at the dinner table... So I figured that I would go with the basic and economical IKEA chair. I mean you cannot beat the $24.99 price!

But it was a little too plain for my taste so I decided to personalize it a bit. 

Step One: Take the parts out of the box...

Step Two: Tape off  the little white balls on the ends of the legs with frog tape.

Step Three: Spray paint the legs... I went with gold.

Step Four: Assemble the High Chair 

Now i have to admit that this is what the high chair looked like for about two months because I didn't get my act together to finish the project... but during that time it was still used all the time.

FINALLY... this week I ordered the vinyl that I wanted for a little extra bling...
It came yesterday and I immediately broke out my computer/silhouette and made a "logo" for the seat on Hunter's High Chair

I decided to go with a monogram. First came the design.

Cut on the vinyl

Pressed onto the transfer paper

And adhered the design to the back of the High Chair!!!  

I love it!

Such an easy project! For baby number three we can simply remove this logo and create another personalized one for him/her!

Not too shabby for a $24.99 High Chair!

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  1. Such a great idea! Love that it makes it a basic chair special!
    - Lora @ Craftivity Designs