Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dollare Store LOVE

I'm a HUGE fan of the dollar store! I really feel like you can find one great items there if you have an eye for them... Last Friday I took a little trip to the local Dollar Tree and $53.00 later I walked out with this fall bounty!

Might not look like the most amazing stuff but I swear I have a vision/use for each item! Many things will get a DIY makeover and I cannot wait to share the outcomes with you all... In the meantime let me share the first project...

A custom Coupon holder!!!

See that plain of Green coupon holder in the photo above... Well inside it had slots for the basic grocery items... well that is not what I wanted to use it for... 

So with the help of some Washi Paper Tape (Also purchased during this Dollar Tree trip!) I covered the original categories

and I made my own labels!

I wanted for this to be a good place that I can put all random store coupons, gift cards, promo cards, and groupons. I plan to keep it in my car so that I am always ready for some savings while I shop!

And because I couldn't leave the outside plain... I added some tape to that as well.

Such an easy update! Cannot wait to share the other projects!

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