Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hunter is 13 Months

It is so hard to believe that this little man is already 13 months old!

Such a big boy!

At 13 Months Hunter is running around like crazy! In fact someone had a VERY hard time standing still in front of his growth chart...

Thankfully daddy came home to assist and to give tickles... Hunter currently says DaDa, Dog & yeah... No mama yet :-(

He is still an amazing eater! When he isn't feeling well he will get a little picky but for the most part he is adventurous in the food department and LOVES spicy food. he two favorites are still Bananas and waffles though!

If you give the guy a waffle he will try to stuff the ENTIRE thing in his mouth at once!

He is trying to go up the stairs all the time...
but is too afraid to crawl backwards down them... he just stands at the top screaming!

He is a SUPER happy baby though and he is going to make a GREAT big brother! I'll be back tomorrow to share some of his favorite things at 13 months!

Until that time here are a few additional photos of Hunter on the move!

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