Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Half Bath Reno Project

Now Matt doesn't know this but I plan to tackle a little home project while he is away this weekend (Running a Ragnar race)... He should not be too surprised because this is not the first time that I have taken on something while he was gone... Remember the Laundry room Makeover???

Well this weekend I'm going to try to renovate our little half bath in the basement. I do not have an appropriate photo of this bathroom because it is so TINY... but I did manage to find some photos that we took the night of our home inspection (three years ago) sadly not much has been done to the bathroom since we moved in... Just a nicer stainless steel trash can and soap dispenser...

Ewww look at that flooring.. NOT MY JAM! and the plain beige walls... BLAH...

Also not a fan of the oval mirror... Super cheep and too small for the space

I'm going to try to keep this a low budget project and I don't think that it should be too hard since the room that I'm working with is small.

Here are some images that I have found inspiration from...

LOVE the colors in the above photo as well as the mirrors! I am going to stop by homegoods on the way home to see what they have in stock.

I'm thinking same mustard/golden wall color as above with the blue/gray as the ceiling.

I'm also going to go with more substantial base and ceiling moldings.

For art work... I'm going to likely go with a grouping of insects... printed as an 8x10 and places in a larger frame with gray/navy mat.


I also want to add some type of storage behind the toilet but I'm not sold on what to do with that yet... Also thinking about flooring... Will I go aggressive and start a tile project (that would need to be completed over the next week) or do a put a band-aid on it and save that for later???

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