Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January Re-Cap

Back at the beginning of January I set out with a few goals for the month. The main theme was to get some stuff done around the kitchen… Here is how I did:
Put away and organize Holiday Decorations: Done and Done… of course I am randomly finding a Christmas cheese spreader or ribbon here and there but for the most part things have been put away in an orderly fashion… Emma keeps asking when the Valentine’s Day decorations will be making their appearance and the answer is that THEY WILL NOT BE. We have way bigger items on our to-do list of February (will share tomorrow)!

Send out New Years cards: I managed to send everyone that sent us a card one but I was not good about expanding the list. At what point is it no longer appropriate to send a New Years card?

Blog at least three times a week: I was doing so well with this up until last week!

Throw an amazing Baby Shower Brunch for Holly: DONE… I still want to do a posting about a few of the details (like the handmade invitations I did… but we will see if I get around to it). I did however manage to share all of the yummy, make-ahead, recipes from the shower! Overnight French Toast


Re-Organize Pantry: DONE and I cannot wait to share a post with you later this week.

Change out Kitchen Hardware: HereI shared a few ideas with you about the bling that I wanted to add to my kitchen and I am happy to say that I have purchased:

Liberty P20383-SN-C 3-Inch Cabinet Hardware Handle Pull from Amazon.

I still need to make the grand switch though in the kitchen and I cannot wait to see the final product!

Change out pots and Pans with the new ones that we got for Christmas and donate the old: I cannot say enough good things about our new cookware! I’M IN LOVE.

Window treatments: Massive Fail! Didn’t do a thing in this area.

Install two new pendent lights: I shared the final result here and I am so happy to report that I still smile every time I see the lights! They make such a big difference.

Add carpet tape to rug: DONE! Will share a full post on this project later in the week!
Check back tomorrow to see what we plan to do in February… Our LAST month as a family of FOUR!

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