Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Drama that is our Kitchen Rug

I LOVE the runner that I purchased in India during a work trip a few months ago...
HOWEVER, I hate that I always walk into the kitchen to this....

Sophie will run in the kitchen and woosh the rug will become displaced. I had previously purchased some Anti-slip rubber tape that attaches to the bottom of the rug which helps a little but I'm still continually adjusting the rug. I'm straightening it about 10-15 times a day and it drives me CRAZY!!!

So Matt did some research and purchased carpet tape from amazon.

We wanted to make sure that everything stuck perfectly so step one was to pull up the rug and sweep/mop the floor.

Next, I removed the old rubber tape from the rug

vacuumed the bottom and affixed the double-stick rug tape.

After the tape was secured to the rug I had Matt help me with the final step of removing the other side of the tape and securing that to the floor in the kitchen. It was extremely helpful to have another set of hands to make sure that the rug was being secured to the floor straight.

We were not worried about using the tape on our hardwood floor because we had actually used this product with success on another rug in our house and when removed there were no marks or damaged items. In fact you would never have known that the tape had been there.

We did this fix on Sunday and lived with it for a few days and so far so good!!! It has worked out perfectly and I'm no longer straightening the rug a million times a day!

YAY for seeing this each time I walk into the kitchen.

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