Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Stroller Envy???

I’m beginning to regret my double stroller purchase… It is something that will be a necessity as we will have two little ones under the age of two and when I found this double stroller at a Church Consignment sale for only $80 I snagged it right up.

It is a Peg Perego Aria Twin Stroller and retails for $350 so there is no denying that we got a GREAT deal and it will hold our AWESOME Peg Perego car seat perfectly.
(We received this car seat as a gift for Hunter and I cannot wait to use it again because it was such a nice seat!)
HOWEVER, as a girl that gets a little stir crazy just sitting at home with the kiddos I’m constantly on the go even while on Maternity leave… I mean life doesn’t stop…we still have dinners to go to, shopping to do, and soccer games to attend so I really need for my clan to be mobile.
The more I think about it the more I’m starting to regret a side-by-side double stroller… I mean just look at how sleek these other strollers are!
It is SUPER expensive though and I guess I’m just having stroller envy. I mean there are pros and cons for each… Yes, this stroller can EASILY get through a doorway but isn’t it a little odd to stick Hunter in the back so near to the floor.. I want him to see things…
And what about this stroller….

I’m a HUGE fan of all the seating options…

and the $250 price tag but a con is that while it has everyone on the same level am I going to feel like I’m maneuvering a train everywhere???
Or this one…

I’ve heard AMAZING things about this CitySelect double stroller… It is almost like the Contor but also a Jogger which means that it will be easier to maneuver on soccer fields AND look at all of these configurations… 

$500 on sale at Amazon though… EHHH…
Maybe I need to just embrace my great deal and make it work… Even if it does mean a little extra maneuvering… I guess that I should live with my choice for a month or so and really see what is/is not working out because at this point it is just a guessing game!
Anyone else out there with stroller envy or advice about what they have learned from using a double stroller?

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