Monday, February 24, 2014

The Nursery Diaries: Chapter 2

The very, very first items that we purchased for our second son’s nursery were two guitars! I mean what rocker themed nursery would be complete without instruments?
We ended up purchasing the guitars from Monoprice of all sites… Matt swears be this site for electronics and they just started selling guitars (at a GREAT price) so it was a win-win!

Our total was $225.60 for both guitars
And we purchased 2 of these wall mounts:

at only $4.82 Each

Matt installed them the other day... 

 and here is the result...

I love them but there is of course something missing from the middle… a special logo that I have made with the little Man’s name… the revel is yet to come of that…
P.S. - I really think that Matt decided that he wanted guitars and used this room as an excuse to make the purchase! I mean they spend more time in his office than on the wall
Now on to another component in the room… This great rug that my parents bought the new little guy for Christmas… (really story is that I tried to buy it… Matt was against it… so we got it as a gift #Juliegetsherway


I love that the rug has the grays and yellows that we will have in the room and it was a great price at TJMaxx for only $120.00 


Now we need to tackle that light fixture in the middle of the room.. While I LOVE it and made it on my own it hangs down way too far without a bed under it and if we were to keep it we would constantly be hitting our heads... Time to get something a bit more flush to the ceiling...

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