Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hunter at 17 Months

I cannot believe that we are entering into the final month that Hunter Man will be our youngest child. I have a ton of fears about how he will or will not adjust at such a young age but no use harping on the unknown...

Like every month, Hunter has grown by leaps and bounds this last month. He is also just such a HAPPY KIDDO! Smiles all the time.


  • Still obsessed with Elmo. We bought him a $3.99 Elmo balloon from the grocery store and it has rocked his world... he carries it all around the house with him and like to have it attached to his high chair at meal time.
  • Stacking and unstacking ANYTHING. He really seems to have a mind for engineering and is very interested in learning about how things work.
  • Going through the kitchen cabinets 
  • Anything with a button 
  • Yelling into containers to hear the distorted sound that it makes
  • Throwing balls... he will throw a ball at Sophie and yell CATCH
  •  Saying more when it comes to anything! Especially treats
  • The ABCs
  • Playing Ring Around The Rosie... However, mommy does not fall down with him. 
  • Spinning in Circles to make himself dizzy. 
  • Favorite foods are waffles, bananas, any berry, and beets
  • Tickle time
  • We are still fighting the nap time and the second nap of the day is no more... sad face for this sleepy mommy
  • Chocolate! 
  • Eggs
  • Being told no... Also, if he is being told something that he does not like he suddenly becomes deaf and has very selective hearing... he just completely ignores us. 
  • Hates that we have cut off snack time right before dinner... he tries to break into the pantry to get goldfish.
LOVE/HATE relationship: 
  • With brushing his teeth... he hates it when we are in the act of brushing but gets SOOOO excited about being told that it is time to brush his teeth and after we are done we let him hold the toothbrush and he loves to pretend to brush his own teeth.
  • With Potty training... He gets so excited to sit on the potty and he also gets very excited when he goes but I do not think that it has clicked yet... which is COMPLETELY okay because he is still really young. 
Here are some photos from the month!



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