Friday, June 8, 2012

24 Weeks

Dress: Non Maternity Ralph Lauren

Pregnancy: 24 weeks

Weight Gain: 18 pounds

Sleep: I'm sleeping pretty well, I just have trouble falling back asleep if I happen to wake up in the middle of the night. My mind starts running on tasks for the house and work.

Gender: BOY!

Names: I'm going to give you all a sneak peak at what we are thinking... Keep in mind that Middle Name will be Matthew and of course last name is PARK!

In no specific order we are considering:
- Alexander
- Robert
- Zachary
- Grayson
- Bradley
- Hunter

Opinions welcome! We all currently have different favorites.

Feeling: I have to admit, this week was a bit rough. Still feeling my Braxton Hicks contractions on the regular... sometimes as much as 5 an hour. (We have to call the doc if we hit 6)

Health:  Doing well. I have a mild infection but taking some meds and I'm sure that all will be good. I'm still traveling for work and managing 12 hour days so I guess things are going well.

Movement: Our little boxer moves constantly and has started to enjoy pushing elbows or knees into my belly button. My favorite thing each day is when Matt and I lay down to watch TV before bed... his hand goes straight to my belly and stays there for about an hour. He enjoys feeling his little boy moving around!

Belly: Measuring about 1 weeks ahead right now (Dr. did our first belly measurement last Thursday). I have a faint linea negra and my belly button is still an innie.  

Next Appointment: OB, Glucose Tolerance Test & Ultrasound: Thursday, June 28nd at 27w3d

Cannot wait to see our little guy in three more weeks on the ultrasound... but also still a bit worried to see where my placenta is...

Non baby highlight:
· I've started working on remodeling our laundry room! I cannot wait to see it completed... My parents are going to come over this weekend to help out. It will be a surprise for Matt as he will be on a camping trip this weekend with the guys.
· I cannot believe that the Spring Soccer season is already almost over. This weekend we will have our last two games and our end of season party. Time is really flying.



  1. I think Alexander is a GREAT name! :)
    You look awesome mamma Park! Can't wait to see you guys next month!

  2. Looking good mama! I like:
    - Alexander
    - Robert
    - Zachary
    - Bradley

    But will obviously love any name you pick for your sweet little boy!So excited!!

  3. Don't know how you do everything you do, yes I do, you're Julie! I love keeping up via your blog. I'm voting for Grayson and Hunter, a little out of the norm. Asking for opinions my not have been a good thing.

  4. *that should have been may not have been a good thing. I also like Alexander.