Friday, November 15, 2013

Fall Dining Table

I wanted to share my fall table... I'm not calling it a thanksgiving table this year as I will not be home for Thanksgiving... I will be on my FINAL work trip... TEARS!

I actually couldn't FIND any of the items that I used last year (with the exception of my dollar Tree green wine glasses) I think that I must have packed them separate from my Halloween items and I only took out those bins this year fro decorating... So I just started from scratch!

The dishes are a mixture of our green everyday dishes that are from IKEA and the orange dishes were a fall find from the... DOLLAR TREE!

In the middle of the table I have a small cake stand that I got for $8.99 from Homegoods a few years ago, ceramic pumpkins from the Dollar tree, and silk fall leaves from the Dollar tree!

I also have a great new table cloth that I purchased a few months ago while in India for a work trip! You know I love anything with an elephant!!!

So there she is... my fall dining room.

Here is my Thanksgiving table from last year!

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