Monday, November 25, 2013

Favorite things at 14 Months

Here are a few of my Hunter Man's Favorite things at 14 MONTHS.. and a few items that I like.

Squooshi Reusable Food Pouches! I love these Food pouches that we can reuse with our own apple sauces and yogurts. They are also SUPER easy to clean! I purchased my on a Zulily flash sale... 

Hide and Squeak shoes:  These are the best shoes. Very well made, they fit well, and they are SUPER fun because as Hunter runs around the house they squeak! He laughs at all the noise that they make and if mommy or daddy ever want a break from the squeak... we can remove it easily.

Green Toys Tug Boat: Bath time is a favorite in the park household! Hunter is SUPER independent during his bath and loves to spill the water all over himself with his little tugboat. My First Green Toys are manufactured and assembled in California from 100% post-consumer milk jugs, and contains no BPA, phthalates or PVC... Green Toy products are a go to for gifts for kiddoes 4 and under and I'm sure that Hunter will have many more toys from this product line coming his way.
Lightning McQueen Racer Ride-On: Hunter LOVES the Ride-on that he got for his birthday (THANK YOU KIM AND JEFF!!) He likes to press all the buttons on the steering wheel to hear all of the fun sounds. He also likes it when Emma pushes him around our main floor on it.
KidKraft Ball Run: Hunter got this gift last Christmas but has just really started to take an interest in this fun toy. He loves pushing the ball through the hole and catching it on the bottom of the toy!
GAP JEANS: I love the GAP jeans for toddlers. They are frequently on sale and I typically get them for under $20. Which is not cheap but I figure with another boy on the way I might as well get a good quality product now and have it for the next little man to use.
Bemis Slow close with built-in potty seat: Now this is not a Hunter favorite item but a GREAT product that Matt and I BOTH love for him. This is the toilet seat that we had installed in Hunter's bathroom... we like that it is slow close but most of all we love that it has a built-in potty seat that is a perfect size for his tiny (super cute) booty! Hunter sits on the potty every morning and typically 2-3 times in the evening. Our thing is that if we have to go we put him on the potty also just to try... Sometimes he goes and sometimes he doesn't... it is a no pressure activity. He in fact likes it because we play with toys and read books while on the potty so it is fun time.
Plan Toys Dancing Alligator: Hunter loves to pull this little wooden alligator all around the house! He especially likes the clanking noise that it makes!

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