Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend in Review

So how did I do with my busy weekend To-Do list that I shared on Friday??? I would say FAIL in the productivity department but a HUGE SUCCESS in the Family time department... Which was much needed!


  • Emma's friend did spend the night and we had yummy pizza and made smores! The girls also watched a move based on a book that they just finished in school.
  • Went to brunch at the Liberty Tavern in Clarendon... FAIL. I was really scoping the place out for a Brunch Baby Shower and the food was just HORRIBLE. I feel like it was once of those instances when they just have way too much to offer and they do none of it well... 
  • So as a result of a bad brunch on Saturday I HAD TO take Emma to brunch on Sunday to scope out another location and it was AMAZING! Yummy Chef Geoffs! 
  • I got out the Christmas tree and it is up with lights! Nothing else is up but I have a goal to go through one bin each night before bed and that should (fingers crossed) make the process a bit less stressful. 
  • Went to work on Sunday and took Emma! She had a BLAST playing with little Mac (Dr. Carter's puppy)
  • Went to visit Matt's Grandmother and Aunt in Fairfax Station on Sunday. It was nice to catch up with the family and to see Grandma Jean (she lives in Michigan so we do not get to see her as frequently as we would like)
  • Took Hunter Mans 14 Month photos and will share tomorrow.
  • Did a CRAZY amount of laundry
  • Didn't manage to sand or paint to old coffee table... this is really a project that I need to take outdoors so that I do not fill my house with dust during teh sanding process... so the wet weekend made it a bit hard to do. 
  • Didn't hang the artwork in the playroom...  One of my IKEA frames broke... so now I have to drive to IKEA to get a replacement! GRRRR
  • sunburst mirror - Another outdoor project with the good glue & staining
  • Didn't unpack from NYC last weekend... yeah the bag is STILL in my car
  • Didn't do a Paint inventory
  • Didn't get my car inspected... But I will do this today after my doctors appointment!
I'm looking forward to the rest of the week though! Here is what I plan to share on the blog:

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