Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I have been majorly slacking when it comes to blog posts!

SORRY... but life has been happening. A few weeks ago my AMAZING boss announced his departure from the Department of Defense and ever since that moment we have been full steam ahead with final travel and trying to wrap up any loose ends before 4 December. And let me tell you... that date seems to be coming WAY too fast!

Soooo... What I'm trying to say is that for about another month posts will continue to be extremely spotty! I would like to keep on top of a few posts though so here are a few that you can expect:
  • Weekly Belly Updates
  • Hunter at 14 Months... how is it possible?
  • Fall Dining Room Table
  • Playroom Update
  • Hall bath update
  • Hunter's favorite things at 14 months
  • FIRST TIME making Lasagna for my 30 year old!!!
In the mean time let me show you where I got to go this weekend!!!

The London Hotel in New York City! I went for work but Matt came up on the train to spend a few nights with me! It was so nice to walk around the city and eat all sorts of YUMMY food! It was also really nice to have a few nights alone without the kiddos and have an adult meal together!

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