Friday, February 7, 2014

Dreaming of Formal Dress

I’m just going to take a little step into fantasy land for a moment… You see I’m currently involved in creating a Read Ahead (document which gives background and pertinent logistical information) for my boss and his spouse to attend the State Dinner at the White House next week, in honor of the French President and his visit to the United States.
Now a State Dinner is a BIG deal and everyone invited dresses to the nines in gorgeous evening gowns and the gentleman get all polished up in their tuxedos. So NATURALLY as I was doing my research my mind started to drift to what I would wear to such an event (Let me remind you we are currently in fantasy land)
So I popped over to the Neiman Marcus website and did a little virtual shopping… I decided that my budget would be $1000… because well that is realistic right??? AH no but again we are in fantasy land so stick with me here!
These were my favorites!
LOVE that this sleek navy one has the side bow like my wedding dress did…
And if we were truly in fantasy land and price didn't matter at all I would pick this dress…
By the way, in this land we live in a HUGE house in Georgetown, I’m a full time event planner, and Matt owns this amazing computer app… which wouldn’t be too far off if he got his ass in gear because he has a GREAT idea for one…
Well back to reality and time for me to change a dirty diaper!

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