Friday, March 28, 2014

30 before 30 Update

So I’m only a few months away from my 30th birthday and while 14 items will not get done on this list I can truly say that I am extremely happy with where I currently am in life. A scuba class is not going to make or break me!

Here is my update.

Here is my Thirty by Thirty

Get Married Married the most wonderful man January 29, 2011

2. Become a Home Owner - Matt and I bought a home in Alexandria September 17, 2010

3. Take Emma to Disney World - We took Emma to Disney November 2011 and had a BLAST! 
4. Go Scuba Diving…
I had asked for a class and GUESS what instead I got preggers so not able to take the scuba classes

5. Become a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP
)… not happening BUT I am currently taking a class to get my real estate license (just because).

Go on a Winery Tour - Traverse City Old Mission Wine Tour

7. Get a Dog We have beautiful Sophie in our lives! 
8. Take a Cooking Class Did a great Sur la Table small bites class with a few girlfriends and had a BLAST. I would like to go back and do a class with Emma as she is starting to get more into cooking.

Run a 5K- DONE! Did Run or Dye with Emma last summer.

10. Plant a Vegetable Garden - Currently looking to start this in the spring… but I think that I have said that EVERY year since I started this list. 
11. Take a Photography Class 
12. Spend a Minimum of 4 days Hiking and Camping with Matt –
Not going to happen

13. Take Emma Camping –
I would like to do this over the summer and do a fun ropes course at the same time in West Virginia.

14. Cook a Full Thanksgiving Dinner - Done and Done... Thanksgiving 2012

Do a Family Photo Session and use the Picture for a Photo Holiday Card- Done Christmas 2012

16. Go to Europe with Matt – Yeah not happening any time soon. Maybe after Baby #3 turns one we can go … but only if we can talk some grandparents into watching the kiddos.

Take Dance Lessons - Took a Hip hop class... hated it

18. Give up Fruit Snacks…
FAIL… for a while I was buying the Simply Fruit Ones but now I’m back to eating Gushers when stressed. 
19. Take a Family Vacation with another Family

20. Enlarge a Photograph that I’ve Taken and display as artwork in my home

Become a Government Employee

Find a cheap and hideous piece of furniture to refinish/reupholster and make it BEAUTIFUL - I've done this!!! Cannot wait to share... Saving for a post about Emma's room.
Create a Fitness Goal and stick to it- worked out with a trainer before my wedding

24. Redesign and decorate an entire home… on a budget -
work in progress

25. Get my Event Planning Business up and running –
another work in progress... Matt is hard at work helping with my website and I hope to have it launched by the end of April.

Become active in the PTA

Give Emma a brother or sister - Hunter Matthew Park was born September 12, 2012 and Gibson Robert Park was born on March 25, 2014... Emma loves her little brothers 

28. Become organized enough to scrapbook Not going to happen. And I really do not have an interest in scrapbooking any longer. I’m just looking forward to making photo books from MyPublisher.

29. Cook at home for a full Month...
another SUPER Hard one. I’m just going to settle going a month with only eating lunch out once a week… I am currently attempting to bring my lunch most days. Two weeks in… wish me luck.

Go two months without buying clothes -Did this right before my wedding.

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