Monday, March 3, 2014

Nursery Diaries: Chapter 3

The Nursery for Baby Park #3 is really coming along and today I am going to share about the lighting in the room… See this beautiful light that I made last year???

Well it hangs down too low without there being a bed underneath it. If we were to leave the fixture we would be constantly hitting our heads or ducking around the light… which would be a BIG pain in the butt. Plus it doesn’t really work with our Rocker Theme.
I knew that I wanted to replace it with something that was a bit masculine, that would lay flush with our ceiling while also standing out a bit from the off white color on the ceiling, and I did NOT want a “boob light”

But most importantly I did not want to spend too much money as this was just a temporary nursery.
So, naturally I went to the first logical place that one thinks of for inexpensive but stylish products IKEA!!!
After walking through the entire lighting section I was drawn back to the ALANG Flushmount Ceiling Light in White

and while I loved the texture of the light and the $29.99 price tag I was turned off a bit by how stark white the product was… I was alone at the store so I couldn’t bounce ideas off anyone about how I could modify the product so I decided to just go with my gut.
On the way home I stopped at Home Depot and picked up some Gray spray paint because well I had a plan… and here is the result…

I love the texture and the darker color on the shade. It adds to the masculinity and makes a great distinction from the color of the ceiling.
While at IKEA I also made two additional lighting purposes…
I originally went in to buy this KLABB Table lamp for only $29.99
I had plans to cover the beige shade with a different fabric and was drawn to the lamp because I thought that the base looked just like the body of a guitar! HOWEVER, when I got to the store and saw it in person, I felt like the base was REALLY small and I hated that the cord went right through the middle. I knew instantly that this was not the light for my little man.
So I took home this one.. Not sure the name of it because I already threw away the box and I cannot find it on-line SORRY

The original base was black and I simply gave it a coat of red spray paint to add another pop of color into the room. I currently have it sitting on a mirrored side table that I purchased at Target a LONG time ago… I’m not sold on the Mirrored table though as I think that it is too feminine and so I might look for something else…
I also purchased the KOPPAR table lamp in gray.

This was an impulse buy and I thought that this would be the perfect little light for the changing table because it would give off just a faint light which is all that we would need for late night diaper changes… Don’t want to light up the entire room and wake the little guy up too much!
The lamp was only $14.99 so a great price… but I’m still not 100% sold on it.
 So there are three little lighting updates that we recently made in the nursery. Lots left to do before Little guys arrival! 

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