Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hunter at 18 Months!

Hunter Man at 18 Months:

Our little guy is 1 ½ years old!!!

I would say that Hunter Man is really all over the map this month… He’s hilarious and loving – giving us hugs and having tickle fights… but he’s also testing us constantly with whining and crying and tantrums.

This month Hunter:

  • Found a new love for playgrounds & walks in the neighborhood. I cannot wait for the weather to become more consistent so that he can play outside more frequently!
  • Learned to put his clothes in the laundry hamper!
  • Became OBSESSED with throwing things into the trash. We just hand him something and say trash and he grabs it and RUNS to the trash can yelling “Trash” the entire time
  • Has decided that he would rather be a picky eater… but we are not encouraging it
  • Loves Thomas and Sesame Street
  • We have started a new bed time routine where we:

    • Try to potty & read on the potty
    • Get on a diaper
    • Run around the room to get our last bits of energy out and have a tickle fight
    • PJ time
    • Read two going to bed books while “laying” in the toddler bed
    • Hunter walks around the room grabs a stuffed animal, hugs it, and drops it into his crib (does this for the three animals that he likes best in there… giraffe, teddy bear, & Panda)
    • Picks up his dirty clothes and places those into the hamper
    • Comes “up up” to mommy (I pick him up) we turn off the light together
    • I walk him in the dark and recite Goodnight moon from memory and sing a little song
    • He is placed in bed and DONE
  • Enjoys singing into microphones and dancing still
  • He no longer likes to sit in his high chair to eat… meal time has become a battle! 

    Photo Time:

    Someone likes to climb on tables... 

    "What Mom??? you mean I'm not suppose to stand on this glass coffee table?"

    "haha.. you are telling me to get off and I am ignoring you."

    I love to throw everything in the trash can... including your cell phone! 

     I am FINALLY willing to drink cold milk out of a sippy cup and I no longer scream like you are trying to kill me when I taste it!

     In fact, I LOVE my cold milk and run to the fridge first thing in the morning yelling "milk, milk!" while making the sign

    Still love to dance... and play with trucks! 

    I'm still a good eater. 

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