Monday, March 10, 2014

Nursery Diaries: Chapter 4

I truly think that the little details are what sets a room apart and gives it personality. So… today I’m going to talk about a few of those details.

*** Please excuse the fact that this is a REALLY long post but stick with it to the end... It will be worth it... ** 

Last year I added a twin flat sheet to the back of my EXPEDIT bookcase for a QUICK and colorful update (tutorial here)

Well luckily that pop of yellow is just what we needed here in the Rocker nursery so I’ve decided to keep the backdrop! HOWEVER, the décor that filled the shelves are not really baby friendly and those great Itso bins in turquoise (originally purchased from Target but they no longer have them) no longer match out color scheme.

SO… I decided to buy some more of the Threshold cloth bins. I purchased 2 more in the oatmeal color and also purchased 5 in gray.

This set me back a little over $90.00 ($12.99 each) but to me it was worth it because I needed some storage to hold all the items that were originally on the bookcase.

But I also wanted to personalize the bins a bit… I thought about using a chalkboard label but really I didn’t want to label what was in each bin… they are really more for hiding

I decided to cut some electric guitars using my Silhouette Cameo and I affixed them with some spray adhesive. 


I love the result!

Next it was time to fill the other shelves back in… I simply walked around the house looking for colorful books and toys to add to the mix. I thought that it was important to bring some of Hunter's toys in here because he will play in here during daytime feedings so items for him are on the bottom shelves. (He of course helped get everything organized... )

Here is the final result

I devoted four cubes to the adults... The chair will be mostly covering these cubs so I figured that they would be safe from Hunter's exploring hands... The magazine holders are for reading materials,  a speaker to plug an iPod into for some tunes, a clock, spot for water, and some breast pads... All items which are good to have on hand. I also covered two shoe boxes with paper... the larger holds burp clothes and the smaller holds a nose aspirator and baby fingernail clippers.

Puzzles and toys for Hunter to play with while I feed baby... Love the rocker cube with an instrument for and the adorable guitar rattle that we just received as a sweet gift for our second little guy! 

Above the bookcase I have another larger shoebox that I covered with fabric (that I am also using elsewhere in the room). This box will hold all of the "special keepsakes" for the baby. There is also a red photo album up there... 

Now moving on to another area of the room...


I’m going to focus on two little areas. The first is actually behind the door.

Last time I was at IKEA I purchased three of the JALLVIK frames (cost: $38.97 total)

I loved the light gray frames but wanted to add personality when it came to the mats. With just two coats of Colonial Red spray paint we were left with something that instantly popped 

There are two guitar patents and the middle artwork is a placeholder for a cute photo of our little guy... 

This is Hunter Man's first artwork...

The next area is over by the closet.

I had found this Guitar Hooks set at Bed, Bath & Beyond a while back for only $19.99

The colors weren’t really working for me so I brought out some spray-paint and made them mate black & Colonial Red. I knew that I wanted something above the hooks and after some brainstorming I remembered a project that I had wanted to do a while back (and had even bought the materials for)…

A while back I had purchased a record frame from a Thrift store for only $2.99 with a coat of spray paint on the frame I added a record cover and record into the mix

Now this isn’t very rock star but I picked Eta James At Last… this was our first dance from our wedding and I felt that it was appropriate to have something that symbolizes the love that this little guys parents share!


Now I shared this space a few weeks ago and it looked like this…

I’ve added a bit more here…

First, I purchased a White Kidkraft Toy Caddy from Target for $19.99
Emma put it together and I personalized with spray paint (Colonial Red) After adding in some wipes and super cute Newborn Honest Diapers it is the perfect changing caddy

Finally right above the entire dresser we added another VERY important decal… perhaps the one which makes this room even more personalized to my little man.

Yup a Gibson Guitar logo… wait why would that be personalized to our guy??? Because that is his name!!!!

YES! We are excited to welcome Gibson Robert Park any day now!

And you might think that we came up with that name before the theme of the nursery… not the case at all. In fact the nursery inspired the name. 

and of course I shared the BORING side of the diaper caddy earlier... here is the side that I did with a special decal! 

So those are some of the fun ways that we have been giving Gibson’s room some personality. Cannot wait to share about fabrics and window treatments next week.

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