Monday, March 17, 2014

I'm "Squirreling"

Now nesting is a popular and well known term associated with the end of pregnancy but I'm going to talk about a lesser known term today... squirreling!

It is something that I'm currently going through. I've been busy making meals for post-baby and "squirreling" them away in my freezer!

I've been doing Let's Dish:

Per their website: "At Let’s Dish!, we’re revolutionizing the way busy families put dinner on the table. At our stores customers make delicious, freezer-ready meals in just two hours."

I love that I can go to the store and everything is already chopped up for me and that there is NO clean up. After a few hours with Emma I leave with meals that go right into my freezer with cooking directions right on the outside. 

The first time that I did Let's Dish was only last month when Emma got me 4-Full meals for Valentine's Day! We did the "dishing" together and both really enjoyed the experience. In fact we were actually able to make 6 meals on that first visit because two of the dishes were large enough to split into two smaller dishes as opposed to 1 large dish.. 

Because we enjoyed the time together and the ease of just pulling  meals out of the freezer to cook we went back again last Saturday and "dished" 8 Full Meals (a gift from my parents). We ended up with 4 Larger meals and 8 smaller meals. So 12 total! 

Currently in my freezer from my last dishing session:
  • 1- Bacon Cheddar Sliders (even comes with the rolls) and makes 12 sliders
  • 1- Shrimp Scampi with Linguini
  • 2 - Chicken Breasts with Balsamic and Mixed Potatoes
  • 2 - Lemon Chicken with Asparagus
  • 2 - Mediterranean Tilapia and Veggies 
  •  1- Thai style Pork Wraps (this is a croc pot meal and I'm sure that we will have leftovers for another meal that week)
  • 2- Western Frittatas 
  • 1- Whiskey Beef Over Noodles (this is a croc pot meal and I'm sure that we will have leftovers for another meal that week)
I also still have one meal left in the freezer from my February session. It's the Java Pork Tenderloin... and I have 2 packages of Pumpkin Ravioli that I purchased from their "ready-made" freezer section.

That means that from my Let's Dish experiences alone I have 15 meals in the freezer for after baby! 

It is something that I think that I will continue to do on a once-a-month basis with Emma. It will be a way to get away from the boys and just do something together and I plan to combine it with lunch out. Additionally, Emma really takes a lot of pride in the meals that we create there and she gets very excited when we eat one. In fact, we are NOT allowed to eat them on nights that she is at her dad's house because she does not want to miss a meal...

I've also been busy "squirreling" away on my own. Thanks to pinterest I've found a ton of easy freezer meals to put together on my own and I will be back, this week, with one of the meals that I've made.

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