Saturday, March 8, 2014

March Goals

Back today to share some goals for the month… Our BIGGEST goal is to deliver a healthy little man this month. Tomorrow I will be considered FULL TERM and I’m SOOOO ready to have this little guy.
Here are the other, much less important, items that are also on our to-do list (in no order):
  • Download all of Orange is the New Black onto my Zoom… Girl is going to need something to watch at the hospital and I have totally avoided this show so that I can have something to watch right before & after baby… With Hunter we watched the entire Chuck series between my sleepless nights before his arrival and endless feedings after…
  • Finish packing up hospital bags
  • Continue to stick to a budget
  • Make some freezer meals so that we will have something to eat once the baby comes.
  • Finish up some items in the playroom and make an area for the baby… I think that with Hunter being home with me during the day we will be spending a lot of time down in the play room.
  • Continue to work on Potty Training with Hunter
  • Get Business Cards made for Birch Event & Design and at least design a placeholder for the website.
  • Start working on making the bedding for the Nursery
  • Get Emma completely organized and on track with school… this is something that we have been struggling with lately and I think that we need a new homework process.
  • I would also like to give our exterior a little facelift with new shutters and a newly painted door… but it might be difficult to get Matt on board with this one. Will require some really nice weekend weather and A LOT of begging… I think that our current Raspberry shutters make our house look PINK and while the brick is a pink shade it will be a lot less obvious with a darker shutter.

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