Thursday, October 25, 2012

6 Week Update

Hunter turned 6 weeks yesterday... please forgive the delay in the post but we had some unwanted house guests come home with Emma... LICE! So I spent 5 hours yesterday treating Emma's hair. It was HORRIBLE.

Here are Hunter's 6 week highlights:
  • Smiled!!!! We had our first non gas related smile! It was such a perfect moment... on Sunday when we pulled Hunter out of the bath and wrapped him in his turtle towel he looked up at both of us and just smiled. It was so sweet that we were both there with him to experience that moment.  
  • Wore shoes for the first time. Super cute Janie and Jack shoes the I got at a thrift store for only 5.99 (originally $40)... yes I sanitized them with wipes before putting them on baby. 

  • Started to nap in crib. We have had a few naps in our crib this last week. They do not last very long but we hope that they are getting him use to sleeping in there. I think that this week we are going to try for our first night in the big boy crib. 
  • Had 5 hour sleep stretch at night! Slept 5 hours and 15 minutes last Saturday... only happened once but fingers crossed that it becomes a regular occurrence! 
  • Went to first Farmers Market. Went to the Falls Church farmers market on Saturday to get yummy veggies for the week. The weather was great and Hunter really likes being outdoors. If he is cranky he will stop crying the second we walk outside. 

Yesterday Sophie turned 4 months! She is getting so big!


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