Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween from the Park Family

Happy Halloween to all! Wanted to share some decorations from around our house and share photos of the pumpkin carving fun that we had last night!

Even Sophie wanted in on the fun... She loves pumpkin and kept trying to sneak pieces.

Emma originally wanted to carve both pumpkins herself but after completing the first one she decided she was done so I took over... I will share the final products tomorrow.

Now here are some decorations...

I have framed photos of Emma's past costumes that I pull out each year. These were taken at the annual Army Navy Country Club Halloween party. Last year Emma was Harry Potter (age 7) and the year before the whole family dressed up as the scooby gang (age 6).

Dinning room...

Tomorrow I will share some trick or treating photos! Cannot wait to share what Hunter will be!

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