Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hunter is 5 Weeks

I know that I say it every week... but I cannot believe that Hunter is another week old!

Here are his week 5 highlights:
  • Attended 2nd wedding... danced to Journey for the first time!
  • Slept in a hotel for the first time. We stayed two nights at a hotel in Maryland for Holly's wedding. We got two rooms that joined so that Emma could have one to herself. This allowed her to get a full nights sleep so we wouldn't have a grumpy flower girl on our hands. Hunter did well in the hotel though... we used one of the cribs from the hotel and brought our own bedding.
  • Started wearing cloth diapers... will do a full post on this after we get a few weeks in but I am happy to report... so far so good.
  • Went to the mall for the first time... Went to the Neiman Marcus outlet and to Tysons. Mommy is getting tired of just sitting around so we are venturing out a lot more. We usually go out with NaNa and our day includes shopping and lunch
  • Holding head up more
  • Daddy went back to work full time... sad face
I've really enjoyed my time off with Hunter and i cannot imagine going back to work at this point. I feel so blessed that I am able to take 12 weeks. A lot of people go back after 6 and I would never be able to go back after next week... that just seems crazy to me.

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