Monday, October 15, 2012

Food for the week...

So I'm feeling a bit broken at the moment with only 2 hours of sleep last night. Hunter has been extremely gassy and has only slept for 20 minute stretches all day. Each time I put him down in his cradle he immediately wakes up and I am beyond exhausted. Luckily Matt just got home so I can finally take a shower and go to the grocery store... It is so sad that the grocery store and shower are the only times when I'm alone and the only time I have to myself... I've never looked forward to going to Giant more!

Here is what is on the menu for this week:

Monday:  Meatloaf (That I didn't make last week... such a slacker)
Tuesday: Pan Grilled flank steak w/ garlic roasted asparagus
Wednesday: Cream Spring Pasta w/ Chicken
Thursday: Hazelnut-crusted Halibut w/ Steamed Sugar Snap Peas
Friday: Crab Cakes & Mixed greens Salad
Saturday: Spicy Basil Chicken, Rice & Sauteed Snow Peas w/ red pepper

I will be cooking from the April 2012 Cooking Light Magazine. I have a subscription and it is probably my favorite thing to get in the mail each month. This particular issue has "40 Fast and Easy Meals" and I will likely cook from it next week also.
I was horrible about taking pictures last week... I do have some of the almond crusted chicken and will share that recipe when I have the chance. I also LOVED the short Ribs that I cooked and plan to make it again so I can take photos and blog about it!

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