Friday, October 12, 2012

Hunter: 1 Month Old

I cannot believe that Hunter is one month old today! Everyone says that time goes so fast and to enjoy every second of it... that is just so true. Hunter grows so much every day and I just cannot imagine my life without him in it. He brings me so much joy. I'm a tired but happy mommy.

Last night we had our best stretch of sleep... 4 hours and 45 minutes!!! We've started a new bedtime routine this week and I really think that it is helping. After Emma goes to sleep at 8:30 Hunter eats at 9 and we keep him awake until bath time at 10:30. After bath time we read and he eats. After eating it is bedtime! Usually he goes down at 11:30-12 and we sleep until around 4 a.m.!!!

Milestones for the week (week 4):
  • Focuses on more items... eyes crossed a little less
  • Seems so much more alert with longer periods of being a happy and awake little boy
  • Started to enjoy bath time! He just lays in the water and just relaxes. He would probably fall asleep it we let him
  • First trip to Homegoods!!!
  • Getting on a bedtime routine.
  • Starting to outgrow newborn clothes... we have worn two 0-3 month items this week.
  • Skyped for the first time with Grandma Pam
  • Had his first bottle of milk that I had pumped. Matt gave him the bottle last Saturday and Hunter had no issue with the bottle at all.

One month Doctor visit:
  • Weight: 9 lbs 12oz
  • Height: 22 inches:
  • Hunter has some baby acne which the doctor says is normal for babies at 1 month due to hormones leaving his body. Poor little man looks like he has a rash on his neck and cheeks.
  • Says that next big milestone will be a smile around week 6... cannot wait
We have also received our shipment of cloth diapers and I cannot wait to start using them! We gave one a try yesterday and all seemed to work out well. Hunter did go number 2 and I am happy to report that after cleaning the diaper is spotless.

In mommy world.. One month after giving birth all is well. I've lost 20 lbs... still have 20 more to go before I'm at the weight I would like to be. I've been meaning to exercise but have not been good about sticking to a routine... perhaps that will be the goal for next month.

Bodysuit info: I purchased plain 3 month long sleeve bodysuits at buybuybaby and created an iron on transfer tie to show that Hunter is one month!! I've made bodysuits for each month and cannot wait to take photos each month as a way to track growth.


  1. Oh he's so cute! He looks great! You've lost 20 lbs! Congratulations! Looks like everything is going well! The diapers look interesting- I hope it works out well!

    1. Thanks Liz. We had a visit from Ryan last week. It was good to see him!
      Diapers are going so well.