Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hunter is 3 Weeks Old!

So hard to believe that Hunter is already 3 weeks old! He is getting so big!

(Ignore what I look like.. Photo is from 11 p.m. last night... )

In the last week Hunter went to Savannah to meet friends/family, visited the Pentagon for the second time, had his first Wolf Gang Puck restaurant experience, had his first submerged bath, and attended his first wedding. Such a busy little man...

Developmentally in the last week, Hunter's eyes are open much more and he seems to focus on faces when they are nearby. He will also grip our fingers when we place one in his hand.

I'm still not getting very much sleep and in the last two days it has seemed like Hunter is only interested in nursing. Sometimes we cluster feed for 4 hours and I feel like I'm chained to my bed... watching WAY too much trashy TV. I am all caught up on my bravo shows and newly obsessed with the TLC show Breaking Amish.

At night we typically get Hunter down at 11 p.m. and sleep until 2a.m. I feed and we are up for two hours back down at 4 a.m. and up at 6 a.m. and back down after an hour... I wake up at 8 to pack Emma's lunch and make breakfast. Matt gets up a 8:30 to take her to school. In the middle of the night Matt sleeps though Hunter's cries and the feeding but if I have too hard of a time getting Hunter to go back to sleep I wake him up and he takes over so I get a little sleep. Our practice for the middle of the night is took keep everything dark and talking to a minimum in the hopes that Hunter will fall right back to sleep after feedings... but so far no luck. In the early morning hours I find myself doing far too many laps around the coffee table while singing and praying that Hunter will not wake up when I place him in his cradle.

Hunter is still in his newborn clothes but probably only for the next week as he is growing so much.

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