Monday, April 28, 2014

Gibson at One Month!

 Look who turned one month on Friday (4/25):

 At One Month:

  • Gibson is starting to focus on items while laying down or looking up at my face while feeding
  • Hates bath time! Screams almost the whole time or when not screaming he is just so tense with every muscle in his body tight. 
  • We are working on establishing a routine for night time. Going down around 11 and waking up between 3 and 4 a.m. for a feeding. Gibson will stay up for 30minutes to an hour and go back down until 7ish, feed, and back down until 9ish... 
  • Big boy has outgrown all of his newborn clothing and we are exclusively in 0-3 months
  • Had a wonderful visit with Grandma Pam and she even gave him his first bottle when Mommy and Daddy had a little date night on Friday!
  • Sticks his tongue out a lot... just like his big sister did at his age.
  • Has been sleeping in his crib for the last week at night and he is doing really well! Our longest stretch of sleep is 5 hours.
  • He is a great eater! When compared to Hunter he is MUCH faster and gets his business done in typically 15 minutes.
  • It does not seem possible but we have gone through 9 packs of diapers so about 315 diapers in our first month!!!! (We poop a lot)I will be so happy when this little guy fits into his cloth diapers! I mean the disposables cost about $140 in this first month (because some were the more expensive Honest diapers)... Compare that to the $450 that I spent on the diapers that are now about to be used for our second little man!!! HUGE savings to not buy disposable!
  • Gibson has really bad baby acne and we asked the doctor about it because it is so bad...he said that it was the worst that he had ever seen!
  • We've had some super fun playdates with Gibson's friends
  • Had a chance to meet with Team Carter!!!
One month Doctor visit:
  • Weight: 11 lbs 10 oz ( A BIG BOY!!!) 2 lbs over what Hunter was at this age.
  • Height: 21.5 inches
 In Mommy World:
  • I have 100ozs of milk pumped!!! 
  • I've lost 20 lbs  and have 20 to go
  • Managed to steal away for a 1 hour spinning class at The Pentagon last week!

Play date fun with Gibson's two best friends! and a photo bomb by big brother! (Hunter is 3 weeks in this photo)

Gibson is the newest Team Carter member!

Here was Hunter at One Month

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