Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Re-Cap

We had a busy weekend in the Park household...

On Saturday Gibson and I attended a beautiful bridal shower for an old co-worker, Lauren, in Old Town Alexandria.

Gibson slept the majority of the time and only woke up to eat right at the very end of the brunch.

After the shower I headed over to the Crate and Barrel Outlet! Amazing! I always end up finding some great deals here and I plan to do a post later this afternoon to share some awesome deals that I found there!

I also took a few minutes to pop into Whole Foods to buy some beautiful flowers. With spring in the air I wanted to bring some beauty into our house!


On Saturday we also had Emma's first soccer game of the season. Matt stayed home with Hunter while he was "trying" to take a nap... we are not really getting the whole nap in a toddler bed thing... Soooo Gibson and I went to the game alone. We only stayed for one quarter because it got super cold and windy in the afternoon.

Yesterday,  had a mini breakdown in the morning.. I'm sure due to lack of sleep. Matt was great though and totally took it in stride.

We also had two visitors yesterday... It was great to catch up with two good friends and show off my little clan. Hunter loved doing his stacking tower with Ms. Joy and Ms. Christina. They also brought me some more beautiful flowers!

After they left I had to go pick up Emma, Made a freezer meal for dinner, and gave Hunter man a bath...

Once Hunter was in bed Emma and I watched some TV together and I read my real estate book and took a quiz... Very busy weekend!

Now Matt is back at work...

we will see how my first week alone at home goes. It starts out with a doctor appointment for both Emma and Gibson... Taking three kids to the doctor should be interesting!

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