Monday, April 14, 2014

Hunter at 19 Months

On Saturday Hunter man turned 19 Months! 

Hunter continues to test us on a daily basis with tantrums one second and laughing and playing the next.

This Month Hunter:
  • Became a big brother and while he was a little rough with the baby at first... we are now super sweet. Each morning we give Gibson hugs and kisses. Hunter also loves that Gibson lays in his crib while HUnter gets dressed for the day or any time Hunter Man needs a diaper change. 
  • We talk a lot about how Gibson will soon sleep in Hunter's crib
  • HUNTER SLEEPS IN A TODDLER BED!!!! I am sooo excited to report that Hunter now exclusively sleeps in his Big Boy toddler bed. The crib will be moving out this week! 
  • We have a HUGE love for Elmo 
  • Our favorite foods are waffles and Blackberries. In the morning the first thing I say when I see mommy or daddy is "waff"
  • We are still working on the whole potty training thing. This month he has started to understand what poopoo is and I think that we are getting really close. He has also become a lot more vocal so I think now we are getting to the stage where he will be able to tell us that he needs to go potty instead of us guessing. 
  • Still a super big helper with throwing things away and putting his laundry in the hamper. We can now also put our books away and we are working on cleaning up toys. 
  • Does not like to eat dinner. 
  • Adores his big sister Emma
  • Loves to jump on the bed and likes tickle and pillow fights! 
  • Enjoys opening and closing doors
  • HATES any sandwich except Grilled Cheese. 
Here are a few photos!

And some photos that you have already seen if we are facebook friends...

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