Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Gibson is One Week Old!

This little guy has been with us for a WHOLE week! 

I'm only going to share weekly photos for the first month with this little guy and after the first month I will just do a Monthly posting like I do with Hunter.

As you can see we have a VERY proud big sister! 

We have had a VERY eventful week... 

First I was born...

I met my family... 

I came home from the Hospital after only one night. 

 I learned that my daddy does the BEST swaddle 

I get cuter every day

My brother and I are still learning our boundaries...(he is learning that he cannot pick me up! But most of the time he ignores me)

I had even more visitors... 
I had my first outing... Chart House with Mommy and Nana. (mommy says that this is a tradition. All of my siblings went to The Chart House the first time they went out also... I slept the ENTIRE time)

and went to The Pentagon to see Ms. Jessica re-enlist into the Army. 

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